Begin A New Way Of Being – Create Your Own Dream Lifestyle

“Today is the day you begin a new way of being and create your dream lifestyle.” Now that’s a very bold statement and I can’t blame you if you think that’s just another one of those throw away cliches. We hear them all the time of course and most of the words simply flow through […]

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The Law of Attraction Gone Spooky

The Law of Attraction this, the law of attraction that. Many people are sick of the term but if you’ve ever experienced it working in your life you are easily able to cut through the hype and see how powerful it really is. Now here’s something you may find more than a little controversial,  but […]

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Inspirational Quotations And Who You Absolutely Should Never Listen To

Some of this month’s inspirational quotations are in my opinion truly inspiring. Have you ever had a dream only to hear friends, family and colleagues tell you “that’ll never work“, “you could never do that” or “don’t waste your time dreaming – stick to what you know”? For them what they say is absolutely true […]

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Lifestyle Created Positivities In Cooliris

I’m testing the Cooliris 3D Wall for future Lifestyle Created Positivities and I’m really pleased with the results. If you click on the “Launch Cooliris” tag in the bottom right (it looks like two squares overlapping) you’ll open up the photos in a full screen mode. If you don’t already have the browser plugin to […]

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