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Inspirational Quotations And Who You Absolutely Should Never Listen To

Some of this month’s inspirational quotations are in my opinion truly inspiring. Have you ever had a dream only to hear friends, family and colleagues tell you “that’ll never work“, “you could never do that” or “don’t waste your time dreaming – stick to what you know”? For them what they say is absolutely true […]

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Lifestyle Created Positivities In Cooliris

I’m testing the Cooliris 3D Wall for future Lifestyle Created Positivities and I’m really pleased with the results. If you click on the “Launch Cooliris” tag in the bottom right (it looks like two squares overlapping) you’ll open up the photos in a full screen mode. If you don’t already have the browser plugin to […]

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Time To Show Some Gratitude

Lifestyle Created Positivities – take a few minutes to unwind – think about some of these quotes and what they really mean to you and how you can apply them to your life. As I created the video I was particularly struck by “Silent Gratitude Isn’t Much Use To Anyone” It can be so easy […]

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Lifestyle Created Positivities – More Inspiration

I created this Lifestyle Created Positivites video using Camtasia as usual but am now integrating Easy Video Player in my activities. The videos are now hosted with Amazon which means there should be no delays in playing but more importantly it enables me to easily add a redirect at the end of the video to […]

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Keeping A Positive Attitude With Film

Keeping a positive attitude can be so very hard, particularly if you read newspapers or watch the television! Every day all you hear is bad news, economy, crime, deprivation, lies and self promoting hype. I hate it! Ever watch any soap operas? Supposedly based around real life people? I feel sorry for those guys! All […]

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