Inspirational Quotations And Who You Absolutely Should Never Listen To

Some of this month’s inspirational quotations are in my opinion truly inspiring.

Have you ever had a dream only to hear friends, family and colleagues tell you “that’ll never work“, “you could never do that” or “don’t waste your time dreaming – stick to what you know”?

For them what they say is absolutely true because they have no real desire for anything more than they’ve already settled for.

What a waste of life.

Here’s my favourite quotation from this month’s selection: –

“Do just once what others say you can’t do and you will never pay attention to their limitations again”

James R Cook

Please don’t let other people decide how you should live your life. It’s yours to do as you choose. Do the best you can. Chase your dream and make it happen.

There is no limitation to what you can achieve once you have decided to do it.

Take a look at these images and take in the true meaning of the quotes. Spend a few seconds thinking about the words, they should inspire and hopefully motivate you to take action towards your own goals. I truly hope you are working towards creating your own perfect lifestyle – a lifestyle where you are free to choose, to live your life the way you want and not the way some “boss” tells you to live it.

That’s no way to live. We are here just once (as far as I know) and I for one will not waste my life doing what somebody else tells me I should be doing.

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I’d love to hear which of these inspiring quotations move you most. Please do enter the conversation below, I’d love to hear from you especially if you found any of them particularly motivational.

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